How To Fix Common Skype Issues?

Mostly people use Skype these days. If your Skype is stuck, then this blog is perfect for you.

Top 5 methods to troubleshoot Skype issues!

1.    Check your password

If facing problem while signing in the Skype’s websitem then prefer changing your Skype password.

  • Method-
  • Firstly, put the mail ID that you always use while signing in with Skype.
  • After that, require to do the same as getting instructed to know the method of getting a new password.
  •  Lastly enjoy making calls like earlier.

2.    Check whether other people are facing the same problem

Some of the times there is a situation when you can only wait for the problem to get solved.

  • The method to know if Skype is facing any problem is by visiting its messaging service. You need to check Skype Status/Heartbeat.
  • Some of the times you can solve Skype issue by checking Down Detector. It informs you that if other Skype users are reporting the same problem or not. If other users are having the problem same as like yours, then you require to wait for some time. As this means that the problem does not need to be fixed by you. After waiting for some time, the problem may get solved.

3.    Check your network connection

Skype will only work if you have a network connection. This is a fact if you are making a call on Skype by Wi-Fi from gadgets like smartphone, laptops or PC.

  • If your website is not able to open with the help of the 1st method or other methods then, it can be possible that there is no network. This problem can be solved by restarting the router.
  • Note that if other websites are working, then the reason behind the problem related to Skype can be bandwidth.
  • If a lot of the users working on the same network that are that are using the internet altogether, then need to pause or stop tasks on rest of the gadgets to prevent the traffic. This shall lead to working of your Skype.

4.    Go through Skype’s audio settings and permissions

It can be possible that you’re not able to listen to the calls then go through the other places of audio such as music playlist (voice coming usually). If the voice problem is only with Skype, then note that your speakers and microphone have access to it.

5.    Again install Skype 

If nothing works, then remove the Skype application. And then again install it again.

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